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Winter Holidays in Grossarl

Activities in winter besides the ski slopes in Grossarl valley

Besides the ski area Grossarl-Dorfgastein, a whole lot more awaits you during your winter holiday in the Grossarl valley! There are many activities and day excursions which will round off your dream holiday. Your winter holiday in the  Grossarl valley will definitely not be boring!

Cross-country skiing?Grossarl is a dream for cross country skiers! There is a challenging network of the best prepared tracks awaiting you. Discover the region on slim narrow skis, and enjoy the magic of the Grossarl valley while on its 30km long trails that extend from Hüttschlag right through to Grossarl!

Snowshoeing ? you will be encaptured by the beauty of nature while snowshoeing in Grossarl. Take in the untouched landscape of the valley and discover the beautiful local flora and fauna!

Tabogganing?Even while taboganning you can discover and experience the Grossarl valley. There are many different toboggan runs which offer fun and entertainment for the whole family!

Horse and sleigh rides?a dream-like, romantic experience!  A wonderful experience for couples in love as well as for families. Tucked up with soft warm blankets, take in the beautiful snowy winter landscape.  An extra-special experience is a night time sleigh trip that we offer in the lower valley of Hüttschlag.

Tour skiing?Grossarl is an absolute paradise for ski touring. There are many different tours on offer at different levels of difficulty. Many of the peaks in Ellmau valley are favoured by ski tourers e.g, the Filzmooshörndl or the Loosbühel.

Ice skating?when you enjoy sliding over the ice on two blades, and then you have found the perfect place! You will find a natural ice skating arena in Grossarl. It is open daily from 10:00 until 21:00 and can be used at no cost. (Naturally at the correct temperature).

Winter hikes?The many different trails in the immediate area offer interesting relaxing walks and fascinating smaller hikes.  We also offer more extensive hikes in the surrounding mountainous area, where you will be able to „get back to nature“.

Ice curling?Ice curling is lots of fun especially when played in larger groups. The curling lanes in Grossarl can be used on a daily basis upon prior reservation. The charge for using the lanes and rental equipment is € 2,50 per person.

So you see: winter holidays in the Grossarl valley have a lot to offer! You will not be bored here... The Appartementhaus Alpenpark offers you the perfect holiday location. Enquire here for your non-binding holiday offer!

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